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Hello there lovely bloggers :)

¸.•♥•..100% QUALITY..•♥•.¸

¸.•♥• Proven & Tested•♥•.¸

MARiNEL VALENCiA, that’s Me! ;)

-Being called as iNEL, NHEL, MARiE.. you call can me anything you would love, as long as it is in favorable way.

20 yrs makin’ history since 11.o2.91, a certified PINK LOVER :> I’m a Filipina by blood and by heart :) 

 a highschool GRAD @ 16 :)

 an extraordinary girl

 im restless.

 I love DANCING. I love hanging out.

 I enjoy walking… walking… and walking.

 Its hard for me to stop taking picture of myself. I love Mirror! but i guess dont

Love ME a lil bit? :)

 im sweet and freak. Im childish w/c they often misunderstood.

 I love the company of my friends!

 im ONE of the BOYS ..

 I’m fond of giving advices! EMOTIONAL CRISIS, really sucks!

 I easily judge people.. but I have good social skills..

 I may look a lil’ bit Suplada, but I’m not! And I’m not snob. I’m quite cold when I

don’t like the person I’m talking to. But, when it comes to the persons im closest

to, I can be the most Talkative Person, EVER ;)

 Ive got my own ways of doing things.

 I love doing unusual things.

 I really watching basketball. I dunno, I maybe a boy on my past life ;)

 Dont know if i’m a Bicolana on my past life, for i love eating dishes,w/ GATA!


 I supah dupah love CHOCOLEYT! *CHOCOLEYT ice cream *CHOCOLEYT cake

*CHOCOLEYT piaya *CHOCOLEYT tikoy *CHOCOLEYT Hopia.. anything! As long as

it is CHOCOLEYT! ;) (kahit ako lang may alam kung saan nabibili yung iba nyan


 STICK-O,MALLOWS is definitely one of my weaknesses. You can give me STICK-

O AND MALLOWS as a Peace Offering. Nahaha! 

 WATCHiNG DANCER’S is one of my favorite past time!

 I’m a Music Luvah :) that definitely defines my mood.

 I am really into writing. Mostly, IN MY DiARY! It is where I can freely express

myself and what I feel.

 I really really LOVE TO COOK :)

 I love cuddling with babies. Mostly, with those cute ones.


 I Like Teddy Bears ..

 I usually read books.specially JAY PANTi BOOKS :)

 I love to sing . SUPER

 I love to eat.

 I love HIM :)

 I love EDiTiNG PiCTURE :)

 im short-tempered. Hard to handle. And bull headed.

 im A LiL BiT KiKAY. always girly.

 cry-baby *super!

 I tend to be judgmental at times.

 immature? Well .. sort of.



 I have a split personality w/c is why many people misunderstood my personality

 i’m impulsive and i dont care about criticism.

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white and Pink are my colors | Addicted to photography, fashion,reading,cooking

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I’d Like this song…i juz dedicated to my self.. lolx… :)

I wouldn’t want to be anybody else 

( Hey! ) 

You made me insecure,Told me I wasn’t good enough,But who are you to judge 
When you’re a diamond in the rough,I’m sure you got some things ,You’d like to change about yourself,But when it comes to me,I wouldn’t want to be anybody else,I’m no beauty queen,I’m just beautiful me,You’ve got every right,To a beautiful life ( C’mon! ) 

Who says,Who says i’m not perfect ,Who says i’m not worth it ,Who says i’m the only one that’s hurting, Trust me ,That’s the price of beauty ,Who says i’m not pretty ,Who says i’m not beautiful ,Who says ??

It’s such a funny thing,How nothing’s funny when it’s you ,You tell ‘em what you mean,But they keep whiting out the truth,It’s like a work of art,That never gets to see the light,Keep you beneath the stars ,Won’t let you touch the sky 

Who says,Who says i’m not star potential,Who says i’m not presidential 
Who says i can’t be in movies,Listen to me, listen to me ,Who says i’m don’t pass the test ,Who says i’m can’t be the best ,Who said, who said ,Won’t you tell me who said that 
( Yeah, WHO SAID!? ) 

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